Tools for language projects across boarders

This blog post is used when I’m presenting ideas for online collaboration tools for language teachers.
I have created an assingment for finnish students learning english, and it’s like this:
Create an online quiz that tests vocabulary regarding to transportation words. 
Students will be divided to 3 groups.

Group 1 will search and translate and transcript explanations to english words. Students are finnish, so the right answer is in finnish. Tools: Padlet walls, internet searching

Group 2 will record videos with computer or mobile device from these explanations provided by group 1, and upload them to course channel in YouTube (teacher will create new a gmail account and log in to YouTube and give the username and password to group 2). Tools: Padlet walls, videorecorder, YouTube

Group 3 will create the quizzes from the material group 1 (words and their answers) and 2 (YouTube videos explaining words) will provide. Group 3 uses Kahoot (with username and password that teacher provides). Group 3 will also arrange the quiz to be tested online among them. Tools: Padlet walls, YouTube, Kahoot

Tool links:

Trello is a place where everything is planned. Group will put due dates to assingment there and comment the process. Trello wall can be public, so no logging is needed (teacher will log in when creating the Trello wall and give the link address to students).

 1. Trello, project manager site (notes in groups)

2. Kahoot, quizzes

(PIN is provides by the group when quiz is ready, test quiz pin 978312)

3. Padlet, online walls for files, text, pictures (students create their own)

4. Record your video online via browser


5. YouTube, videos (own channel)

6. Todaysmeet, online chat

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